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Eviction Notice

Vicky was so happy to move into a home she could call her own finally. Unfortunately, this happy moment turned into a nightmare when she learned the septic system broke. This incident began a series of events that almost led to her eviction from the community. Sewage was seeping into the lawn and street, leaving a foul odor throughout the neighborhood. Not long after, a branch fell on the home damaging the roof and siding.

Through PathStone’s services, Vicky could have her septic system replaced and her home rehabilitated. To quote Vicky:

“It rained the other night. I jumped out of bed and yelled to my family, grab the buckets and towels. The roof is about to leak. As I woke up from this nightmare, I realized I have a brand-new roof and will never have to worry about rain invading my home again.”

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From the field to the stage...

Miriam Gonzalez is the daughter of a farmworker. Her family settled in Sodus, NY in 2012 after many years of traveling and working in different states such as Florida and Georgia. Her mom and three older siblings had not gone to college. The question was not if she wanted to go to college but mainly how to go to college.

The Joe Chavez Scholarship at PathStone made it possible for Miriam to enroll at City College of New York. During the pandemic, Miriam decided to transfer from City College of New York to SUNY Geneseo as she felt that the online format was not meeting the goals for her academic career. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree and is graduating in May 2023 .

After finishing her bachelor’s degree, Miriam would like to work in a nonprofit and ultimately enroll in Law School. The Education Fund helps students like Miriam nurture their dream and provide them with financial resources to pursue an education and craft their life for a better tomorrow.

The scholarship allowed her to go to college without which would not have been a reality.

When accessing our services if you need assistance due to a language barrier, mobility impairment, visual or hearing impairments or other disabilities please let us know in advance so we can provide the necessary accommodations.

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