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Mission, Vision, Action Pledge and Core Values


PathStone builds family and individual self-sufficiency by strengthening farmworker, rural and urban communities. PathStone promotes social justice through programs and advocacy.


PathStone is a visionary, diverse organization empowering individuals, families and communities to attain economic and social resources for building better lives.

Action Pledge

Farmworkers and other disenfranchised peoples live and work with others who often do not understand and/or support their struggle to achieve economic, social and political equality.  Many clients served by PathStone personally suffer the effects of racism and discrimination because of their color, occupation or economic status.  Many families have needlessly suffered generations of indignities because our government institutions have devalued their work and contributions to our communities. In concert with our mission statement, hereby commit ourselves to the principles contained herein:

  1.  We affirm the benefit and value of human and cultural diversity in our society and believe in the principles and practice of peaceful co-existence and harmony between and among all peoples.
  2. We commit to pro-actively create opportunities to integrate diversity of; race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, differing abilities, levels of education, religious beliefs, rural and urban, rich and poor within our place of work and in our community.
  3. We will identify and implement specific actions which will improve race, gender, and human relationships in our place of work, our community, organizations to which we belong, and others with whom we have relationships.
  4. We will participate in and/or organize political and social action events, conferences and meetings which will educate and encourage ourselves and others to eliminate all forms of oppression and racism, create opportunities for reconciliation of divergent views and promote social and economic justice within our society.
  5. We will oppose discrimination of any kind against all peoples and will work to create policies that are based on mutual respect and justice for all people, especially those groups who have historically been denied many human rights and experienced an oppressive life of separation and exclusion. We acknowledge that few, if any generalizations can accurately describe any group, race, or culture and will avoid making such assumptions that lead to hurtful stereotyping.  We will work to remove all prejudice against groups of people who are stereotyped because of their race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, income, differing abilities, and religious beliefs, place of residence, educational level, age, employment, family structure and personal interests. 
  6. We will make it a priority, in our daily activities; to use inclusive language that will unite all peoples; practice fairness and care towards all those we meet, and to respect the dignity and worth of all humankind.
  7. We will become educated about the customs, history, desires, and problems of other races and cultures and actively share that information with friends, colleagues, and members of the community.
  8. We will speak and act against any form of community and/or individual violence that may injure others and will actively work to create non-violent methods to resolve disputes.
  9. We will commit our resources to respond to the pervasive poverty faced by many people in our community and will work constructively within the political and social arena to advocate for laws, resources and customs which will remove barriers for economically and socially disadvantaged people and enhance our/their escape from poverty.

Core Values

We affirm the benefit and value of human and cultural diversity and believe in the principles and practice of inclusion and collaboration between and among all peoples.

  • We welcome diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, differing abilities, levels of education, religious beliefs, rural and urban, rich and poor within our place at work and in our community.
  • We oppose discrimination and oppression and advocate for social and economic justice within our society.
  • We recognize and affirm the value of self-determination and hard work. PathStone programs and services seek to supplement, but never supplant, the efforts and vision of those we serve.
  • We are committed to delivering high quality, effective, community-based and responsive services to the individuals and communities we serve.
  • We take personal accountability for actions and perform our responsibilities ethically, with integrity and dedication to achieving PathStone’s mission and vision.
  • We are committed to careful stewardship of the human, natural and financial resources entrusted to us.
  • We are committed to respectfully and strongly encouraging each other to improve and to always produce high-quality sustainable work.

When accessing our services if you need assistance due to a language barrier, mobility impairment, visual or hearing impairments or other disabilities please let us know in advance so we can provide the necessary accommodations.

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