Housing Services

PathStone provides resources that help build and maintain one’s most important assets – financial stability and your home.

Home Rehabilitation and Energy Conservation

Programs create and preserve assets for low- and moderate income individuals, families and communities through coordinated home rehabilitation, energy services and community based revitalization programs. We are committed to promoting self-sufficiency and economic stability for individuals and families through safe, sustainable, energy efficient housing. We specialize in providing resources, access to appropriate financing and advocacy to support homeowners across the Rochester / Finger Lakes region in New York and in Muncie Indiana.

Manufactured Home Cooperative Program

PathStone works with owners and residents of manufactured home communities (mobile home parks) to preserve this critical source of affordable homeownership opportunities for primarily lower income households. We provide training and access to financing for groups of residents to enable them to purchase and improve their community and operate it as a limited equity co-op.

Housing Counseling

PathStone offers housing counseling in locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Puerto Rico.  Services offered are pre and post home purchase education and counseling, rental counseling for tenants, landlord education as well as mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling.   Through one-on-one counseling and education, you will gain life-long financial management skills including establishing and maintaining a budget, understanding credit, debt management and much more.  You will also gain knowledge on fair housing information, mortgage and other subsidy programs available and other rental counseling topics and programs. We offer counseling in English and Spanish and upon request with notice; we can provide counseling in other languages.  All of our locations are handicap accessible and offer convenient hours for counseling and workshops.  Our homebuyer education course is offered in-person and online. PathStone’s housing counseling is provided at no cost to our clients.  Some of the agencies may charge a small fee for registration and credit reports.  Please check with your PathStone housing counseling location that you choose to work with to get started.

Section 8 Housing Choice Program

PathStone offers case management, life skills, referrals, and advocacy to eligible participants in the Section 8 Housing Choice program.  Clients for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program must meet low-income guidelines established by U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development for county of residence. Note: All counties have extensive wait lists; waiting time can be years.

When accessing our services if you need assistance due to a language barrier, mobility impairment, visual or hearing impairments or other disabilities please let us know in advance so we can provide the necessary accommodations.

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