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PathStone is partnering with inverSol to provide job training resources and loan capital to assist inverSol to launch a Puerto Rico based solar generator manufacturing facility ( Your tax-exempt, charitable donation to PathStone will directly benefit families struggling to make ends meet because of Hurricane Maria. PathStone will determine family eligibility and help to offset the costs of solar generators as funding allows. Your generous donation will make it possible for families to have electricity for refrigeration, TV, charging cell phones and lights.

inverSOL offers a selection of portable solar-powered generators at affordable prices. Based in Puerto Rico, every unit will be manufactured locally and installed by a local technician who will provide a complimentary training session with every install. The overall vision of inverSOL is to empower the people of Puerto Rico by creating jobs and bringing a safe and affordable solution to the current energy crisis.

PathStone, a Rochester New York based not-for-profit has had “boots on the ground” in Puerto Rico for more than 25 years. We work in seven states and Puerto Rico and provide services in five primary arenas; workforce development, health & education programs, emergency support, affordable housing & counseling and economic development. For more information about PathStone and its programs, please visit our website at Thank you.